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EPISODE #1 Ilka Chavez:
Leaving Your Legacy

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EPISODE #2 Carrie Roldan: 
Align Your Body for Success

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EPISODE #3 Briana Cavanaugh:
Money, Pleasure and Success

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EPISODE #4 Janece Hoopes:
Tap into Your SuperPower

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EPISODE #5 Sherry Richert Belul: 
Say It Now. Celebrate Now.

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EPISODE #6 Andrea Sun:
Align Your Confidence

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EPISODE #7 Shelley Sanders:
Uncover What's In Your Way

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EPISODE #8 Karin Monster-Peters: Meet Your Sensitive Needs

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EPISODE #9 Natalie Kawai:
Your Emotions Are Your Guide

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EPISODE #10 RoseAnn Janzen:
Tap Into Your Divine Self

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EPISODE #11 Zhanna Shpits: 
Life has to be FUN

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EPISODE #12 Abby Rohrer:
Make Your Most Amazing Day

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