Abby Rohrer
Karma Healing Master

​“Zaza Giroday is a generous teacher, expert guide and so much more.

I was attracted to participate in the Feminine Influencer’s book project because of Zaza’s vision and so I acted intuitively. Good thing I did!

Zaza “gets it”. She gently held my vision along with me and helped me to see my work through “new eyes.” This gave me greater clarity about my vision as a whole and I experience a big “aha” moment as a result..

Zaza brought so much more to the project than I had expected. She was the perfect “Doula,” gently guiding the birthing an outstanding book highlighting a new wave of Feminine Influencers. I experienced Zaza’s full focus, her full support for her authors, her full knowledge of the industry from publishing to public relations, and her full ability to calmly hold the container of an amazing project from start to finish.”

Zaza Giroday is a master at message clarity and simply put a “go giver.” She runs her business and her life from the heart. As I engaged with Zaza on message clarity, she masterfully navigated me through the process with ease, care and clarity. Her skillset surpasses most as when she works you never feel as though she is working or even you as the client are working. The comfort and knowledge she brings to her field and her business is in my book way above the golden standards.

Praise to you Zaza for shining your gift to the world. I am truly honored to be in your tribe and would joyfully recommend you to all those in my tribe. My sincerest thanks and gratitude for helping me clarify my leadership and life messaging to my tribe.

Ilka Chavez
Leadership Consultant
RoseAnn Janzen
The NO B.S. Psychic for Business

​This whole journey with Zaza from being gently and lovingly guided in the process of clarifying my message and how I talk about it, looking at messaging from all angles, refining what I say in an interview, having everything turned into a book that show the participants in their best light and helps the world and gives voice to women who want to help the world, and then to having press releases and watching the message go to the world, has been nothing short of incredible.

That one person could make this process so ease filled and rewarding is a gift to the world. I come away with clarity in my message, clarity in my speaking, and clarity in my marketing. I have the words to use on my website, in speaking engagements, and in any marketing materials I want to make. And, I come away with a book, press release, and international publication materials to use in my marketing and visibility.

When I started this process I had no idea what a world of riches, a pot of gold, awaited at the end. Zaza has the gift of drawing the best out of people and showing that to the world. Not only am I enriched inwardly, I am experiencing direct rewards in my business. Thank you Zaza with all my heart.

​As a child, I was not allowed to express my experiences with sprits. So, I got very good at hiding myself from others.

Zaza, created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and share my story. The message clarity session gave me permission to open and discover my true self. I finally have the words to express myself confidently without the fear of being punished.

Now, I am stepping into my power as a published author, and sharing my story in a bestselling book for all the world to see.

Thanks Zaza, for helping to make my dream a reality.

Shelley Sanders
Business Intuitive and Medium
Janece Hoopes
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformation Coach & Transformational Speaker

​I had a long term goal to author a book, but I had no idea it could happen so quickly! When I discovered Zaza’s Feminine Influencers Author Program, I felt a surge of excitement and I made the leap!

I expected the process to be much more difficult than it was. But Zaza was a knowledgeable captain guiding us through unfamiliar waters with ease. Where I thought I would be spending grueling hours writing, Zaza made it as simple as having an enjoyable conversation with a new friend. Where I thought I wasn’t fully clear on my message, Zaza helped me see and hone the powerful message that is as natural to me as breathing. Where I thought writing and publishing a book would take the better part of year, Zaza brought it off in a few short months! And it’s a Best Seller to boot!

Zaza knows this business, she knows how to gently draw your story from you, and she does all the hard work for you. If you have any desire at all to become a published author, I highly recommend Zaza’s program. Don’t hesitate- LEAP!


I have no words to describe how grateful I am for our interview and the discovery process that made me understand how to market my unique services for expats and make my work visible globally. You make complex marketing process easy, simple and affordable. I recommend YOUR services to any business owner who cares about being perceived professionally. It is so valuable to work with you as you understand exactly the needs and challenges of your client, and you help turn potential into visible results in a highly ethical way. I can with full confidence tell you, you have a gift of healing hiding experts, not only making them visible! Thank you for all your support!​

Marina Malmberg Expat Success Strategist
Alina Vincent
Fast Growth Business and Technology Strategist

With Zaza Giroday’s help my live event was put on the radar of over 350 media outlets and my business was featured in the Huffington Post and on Business Innovators Radio. Although I already have a thriving business, this added exposure gave me nationwide visibility and allowed me to add a new level of credibility to everything I do. Working with Zaza was so easy and effortless - she is definitely the real deal when it comes to putting the spotlight on your business.

I can't tell you HOW much I appreciate and love you for this interview. I've never done this before. You really asked the right questions and got to the core of who I am. I spoke from my heart, and I can't think of a better way to connect with the people who have been looking for me and the kind of work I do.

Joan Hughes
Money Blocks Magician
Debera Jensen High-Performance Coach

What an amazing 5 days!! I feel very accomplished - and it was so easy and fun. Thank you, Zaza Giroday!

The Media Exposure VIP Week was a great experience. Since finishing the course, I feel much more confident in getting news releases published for my business. Thank you for showing the ins and outs of getting news releases published to build my business platform. All of the examples you shared were very helpful in seeing how things work. While I expected to be well informed, what I wasn't expecting was how much fun you made it! I highly recommend the course!

Steve Garvin Marketing Whisperer
Stephen and Lindsay Gill
Marketing Implementation Specialists

It was a pleasure working with Zaza Giroday as her company was able to exponentially increase our media exposure quickly to many well-known media channels. This provided our company with long term credibility and increased our online visibility for our brand. We were able to further position our company as leaders in our marketplace with her expertise. I would recommend working with Zaza Giroday if you want a boost in brand exposure and to build authority in your industry.